Prognosticator Pigskin Pix League - 33rd Annual -

Help (Instructions)

Logging In
In the header of the website, on the right, click on the Log In link. Enter your username and password and click the Log In button.
Home Page
On the Home page you will see messages from the Commissioner and the Season Standings. The standings are updated each week after all the games have been played. If you are logged in you will see your player name highlighted in the standings.
Spreads Page
The Spreads page is where you will see all the games for the week including the Day and Time, the favored NFL team, the underdog team, and the spread. Just click on the teams in the order you want to pick them and you will see your picks on the right. When you click on a team, that team and the team they are playing will be disabled so that you cannot pick them again.
Make sure you save your picks by clicking the SAVE button. You can save your picks anytime even if you are not done. When you go back to it you can finish your picks and save them again.
Make sure you are logged in when you make your picks, or you will not be able to save them.
And, don't forget to enter the Tie Breaker, the total score of the Monday Night game.

At the top of the Spreads page (and the All Picks page and the Leaderboards page) you will see the week number and the date. Also, you will see a less than sign (<), which changes the page to show the previous week, and you will see a greater than sign (>), which changes the page to show the next week.
All Picks Page
The All Picks page will show you everyone's picks for the week after everyone's picks have been locked in. If the picks are not locked in, you will only see your own picks.
It will also show the teams that cover the spread in green, and the teams that did not cover the spread in brown, along with the total scores at the bottom of each players picks.
All the picks are sorted alphabetically, but you can sort the picks in the order you want them. See the "Your Profile Page" topic below for details.

At the bottom of the page you will see all the teams and how many total points they were picked for. It also indicates whether or not they cover the spread.
Leaderboards Page
The Leaderboards Page shows you the standings for the week. If you are logged in, your player name will be highlighted.
Message Board Page
The Message Board Page is where you can post messages to the rest of the league and respond to other players' messages.
You can only access the Message Board when you are logged in.
History Page
The History page shows all the winners and runners-up since the beginning of the League in 1991.
Your Profile Page
Your Profile Page is where you can change your personal settings.
Change your password by clicking the checkbox, entering your new password twice then clicking the Save button.
Change your login name by clicking the checkbox and entering a new name and clicking the Save button. This will allow you to use a short name instead of your email address to log in. You can still use your email if you need to.
You can sort the All Picks page in the order that you want by clicking on the players in the order that you want to see them.
Under Notifications, click the checkbox to get notified whenever someone posts a message on the Message Board.


The Games
All the games for the week will be entered by the commissioner each Tuesday and will include NFL games only. Each game will consist of a Favorite, an Underdog, and the Spread. When all the games have been entered, all players will be able to make their picks.
The Picks
All picks must be made by Wednesday at 9:00 PM of each week. When all picks have been made, the commissioner will lock in the picks. At that time the players can go to the All Picks page and see everyone's picks. You cannot see anyone else's picks until everyone has made their picks.

Picks are made by choosing the team from each game that you think will cover the spread. When you pick a team, you assign it a number between 16 and 1. If the team you picked covers the spread, you get the number of points that you assigned it. If the team you picked does not cover the spread, you get no points. In the event of a Push (neither team covers the spread), nobody gets points. When all the games are complete, your points are totaled for the week. If you have the most points for the week, you win.
All the weekly points are totaled and displayed in the season standings on the Home page. If you have the most points at the end of the season, you win.

In addition to picking the teams, you can also make a guess at the total number of points of the final game of the week. This will determine the weekly winner in the event of a tie. The closest to the final game's point total will win. If you do not enter the tie breaker, you cannot win the tie breaker.